Wind Farm Layout & Design Services

Wind farm design is an iterative process that involves the consideration of a number of factors, including the following.

  • Wind speed
  • Construction access
  • Availability of grid connection
  • Terrain
  • Proximity to housing, highways, footpaths and bridleways
  • Noise
  • Location of telecommunications links and other infrastructure such as underground services
  • Potential aviation issues
  • Landscape and visual considerations
  • Ornithological and other ecological interests

All of these elements must be carefully considered when finalising the design of a wind farm.

We have extensive experience of dealing with all of these constraints and are advanced users of the latest wind farm design and geographical information system (GIS) software.

Given the location of a site and any other useful information, we can provide initial advice on its feasibility and carry out desktop studies of potential site constraints to provide a more complete picture of a development proposal.

All of this information can be reproduced on a detailed map (and/or provided as GIS data sets) to illustrate site constraints to aid further design work and consultation.