Energy Storage Technology

The Energy Workshop offers a complete Energy Storage solution to assist developers identify, apply for and deliver solutions.

Currently, Fossil Fuels are used to meet peak demand by the use of fast acting power plants, often powered by diesel or oil. These are expensive, inefficient and dirty. Pumped hydropower is used for large demand but often requires huge investment and provides power at a high cost. Modern Energy Storage Technologies allow for clean power to be provided during peak demand. Power from energy stored during periods of excess renewable electricity generation, most notably wind and solar, can ensure electricity is readily available at all times.

Energy Storage also allows utilities and consumers to smooth production and “timeshift” renewable energy to when it is needed and higher value. So, solar electricity produced at noon can be stored and deployed as a stable power source at peak demand in the afternoon. Wind power produced during a windy night could be stored and discharged first thing in the morning.

Modern Energy Storage technologies including battery banks can be developed at all scales. Small scale solutions can help balance the disparity of electricity on a local grid network. Large scale storage solutions can provide large amounts of peak power to the transmission grid network. Storage can help the grid network in multiple ways; modulating the frequency of power within the network, providing power at peak times. Power can be discharged over long periods of time, or rapidly discharged to cover short periods of high consumption.

Our mission is to add value whenever possible to your venture. We have a wealth of experience in finding, permitting, building and operating a number of client and our own projects and know the road to travel. The process of successfully arriving at a built project can be broken down into the following stages:

  • Feasibility study
  • Site investigation
  • Landowner negotiation
  • Grid connection studies and applications
  • Environmental Impact Assessement
  • Planning application
  • Discharging planning conditions
  • Financial modelling
  • Financing assistance
  • Contract tendering
  • Project delivery

As there are a number of energy storage options, we look at the individual needs of each client and build a bespoke service to match. Call us or email us now to discuss how we can help you connect!