Shadow Flicker – Lilbourne Wind Farm

for Energiekontor UK

The Energy Workshop was commissioned by Energiekontor to investigate Shadow Flicker as local residents had indicated effects were being experienced immediately after commissioning of the wind turbines. To investigate, The Energy Workshop completed a desktop model to assess times of theoretical shadow flicker at a number of dwellings, before visiting the potentially affected residences to further investigate whether shadow flicker would be possible.

In this case, The Energy Workshop fed the information back to the client and to the Local Planning Authority, before liaising with the turbine manufacturer to ensure that the relevant turbines were shut down at the appropriate times. This involved providing exact co-ordinates for the location of dwellings that could be impacted by Shadow Flicker. The mitigation protocol needed fine tuning as the project approached its first summer of operation, which The Energy Workshop oversaw, however since then there have been no complaints made.

We are able to offer a fully bespoke service depending on the level of impacts, the requirements of the client or Local Planning Authority, the scale of the project and the nature of the complaint.