Wind Energy Visualisations

Photomontage, ZVIs, ZTVs, Wireframe Illustrations

Our team has extensive experience producing visualisation material for a range of different projects, with a particular focus on wind farm developments. We have worked closely with a number of councils and statutory consultees across the UK to refine and improve the standard of wind energy visualisations.

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The Highland Council Wind Energy Visualisations

We have an excellent track record of producing high quality photographs and photomontages, using a combination of professional level digital photographic equipment and the latest software.

Our methodology has evolved over the years through consultation with Landscape Architects, local councils, software developers and our clients. As well as carrying out assessments, our consultants have previously been asked to check the accuracy and quality of visualisations produced by some of our competitors.

Whatever your requirements, we understand the scope of work that is necessary and we can tailor the best value option to suit you. We pride ourselves on our high standards and have recently been commended by The Highland Council on our implementation of their 2010, 2013 and 2015 guidance.

We are able to produce visualisations for all aspects of project work: from initial wireframes to give an idea of how a proposal would look from key viewpoints, through to working in conjunction with a Landscape Architect to produce a full Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) chapter, with all the required visualisations and other graphics for inclusion in an Environmental Statement.

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) Visualisations for Wind Energy

We have the necessary expertise and experience in-house to produce visualisations for all types of work in accordance with relevant local and/or national guidance (SNH’s Visualisation Representation of
 for example). We also have a network of Landscape Architects, with whom we are able to produce anything from a full EIA-standard LVIA chapter to a pared down assessment to suit, for example, sub-EIA Feed in Tariff projects.

Our team is able to provide your visualisations whether you need to commission a full LVIA or you are working within a limited budget and want to save costs by working to a reduced and specific scope of works.


SNH Cumulative Baseline VisualisationZTVs tend to exaggerate the actual visual effect of a wind farm, as they do not clearly indicate the effect of distance on the visual appearance. They are also difficult for non-specialists to interpret. Therefore it is also common to generate ‘visualisations’ of the appearance of the wind farm from defined viewpoints.

We are able to produce ‘wireframe’ drawings to illustrate the view from a particular viewpoint without the need for an underlying photograph.

For enhanced clarity, photomontages should be produced in which the wind turbines are superimposed upon photographs taken from specific viewpoints.

Zone of Theoretical Visibility (ZTV) or Zone of Visual Influence (ZVI)

SNH Zone of Theoretical Visibility (ZTV/ZVI)

ZTV analysis is the process of determining the visibility of an object in the surrounding landscape. The process uses computer software modelling to predict where a proposal, in theory, could be seen from. The output from the analysis is used to create a map of visibility.

A ZTV map illustrates the theoretical visibility of the proposal in the landscape. Traditionally, the analysis does not take into account any landscape artefacts or screening, such as buildings or vegetation etc; the analysis is made on the basis of landform topography alone. In recent times, it has been requested by councils and statutory consultees that ZTVs do take local screening into account. We are now pleased to offer more advanced ZTVs that model the screening effects of surface features such as buildings and woodland for example.

We are able to produce ZTVs to match your requirements, whether they are for a single project, or they have to take into account the potential cumulative impacts of several developments in close proximity.

Solar Farm and Infrastructure Visualisations

We have expanded our 3D modelling capability and are now able to model and produce visualisations for other types of development.

3D Infrastructure ModellingRecent work has included:

  • producing scaled 3D models of grid infrastructure for one of RWE npower’s off-shore wind farms to be used as part of a public consultation activity;
  • multi-megawatt ground mounted solar farm visualisations for inclusion in a planning application with foliage growth over time displayed; and
  • rooftop solar visualisations.

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