Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) Surveys

Onshore wind turbines can cause electro-magnetic interference(EMI) in the following two ways.
  • By blocking or deflecting line of sight transmissions (as with any large structure)
  • By scattering signals, which can lead to a phenomenon called ‘ghosting’

We will provide details of the wind turbine coordinates to the link operators, who will then determine whether any of their links may be affected by the proposal.

We have a long history of carrying out these surveys, and have developed good relationships with many of the link operators, which enables us to quickly negotiate separation distances.
Where necessary, we can also go on site to accurately measure the location of the transmitters and then calculate the precise area which the transmission is occupying (known as the Fresnel Zone). Having this information enables us to negotiate reduced clearance zones with the link operators.

Once identified, the location of any links across the site and required clearance zones are plotted on a map to be provided as part of a report to the client (information can also be provided in GIS format).