Wind Turbine/Farm Noise Assessments

wind turbine noiseNoise can sometimes be a limiting factor for the generating capacity that can be installed on any particular site; although noise should not be an issue at a well designed site.

The noise produced by operating turbines has been significantly reduced in recent years by turbine manufacturers, but it is still a constraint which must be properly considered.

Unlike most other generating technologies, wind turbines are often located in rural areas, where background noise levels can be very low, especially overnight. In fact the critical times are when wind speed is at the lower end of the turbine operating range, because that is when the wind-induced background noise is at its lowest.

The main noise sources (blade tips, the trailing edge of the outer part of the blade, the gearbox and generator) are elevated, and so are not screened by topography or obstacles.

Any developer will need to understand the impact of noise on their scheme. We can produce a desktop assessment to ensure the layout of your project complies with all of the latest noise guidance (ETSU-R-97).

Should a more detailed noise assessment be required, we are able to work with our network of preferred acoustic specialists to carry out background noise monitoring and full EIA-standard assessment and report, for inclusion in an Environmental Statement.