Prospecting and Landowner Liaison

Prospecting and Landowner Liaison

We have been actively looking for new sites for our clients since we started in business in 1992.

We have an intimate knowledge of the wind resource, and underlying constraints, of much of the UK. We can save our clients time and resource by suggesting the optimal places to search for new wind farm sites.

We can then focus the site finding exercise using a Geographical Information System (GIS) to aid the process, and produce map-based outputs, layered with constraints.

Prospecting and Landowner LiaisonOnce a site has been identified, we are also able to identify the relevant landowner(s) and, if necessary, meet with them to discuss the idea of a wind energy development on their land. We can also negotiate commercial terms and sign them up to an Option Agreement.

Our capability in this area is significantly bolstered by having an in-house lawyer and we a have proven track record for securing land agreement quickly and effectively.